125 Employee Rewards For Recognition & Retention

Employee Rewards

A study made by SurveyMonkey in collaboration with Bonusly, one of the top-rated employee recognition platforms, sheds light on how successful employee rewards are when used to recognize hard work.

82% of participants stated that rewards and recognition at work made them happier in their professional and personal lives. They also consider it an important part of their work life. 68% of participants believe that getting visibly rewarded for their achievements makes them at least slightly more eligible to receive a promotion or a future raise. In addition, 32% believe that it makes them more likely to bond with their coworkers.

This good feeling tied to rewards and recognition has an effect on employee retention. 63% of employees who often get rewarded for their work have stated that they would not be considering new employment in the near future. Only 11% of the typically unrewarded share the same feeling.

With turnover costs as high as they are (normally between 50% to 200% of the departing employee’s annual salary), rewards are a straightforward tool to use to keep employees happy and comfortable in their roles.

Let’s take a look at the best tried and tested rewards recommended by happy employees.


Team Bonding

Team bonding activities are a great way to reward the full group when they hit targets or milestones. This has the added benefit of getting team members to collaborate and spend more time with each other, even outside the office, which can lead to lasting relationships.

Having a connection with people at work is highly beneficial to employees, so these following ideas can be great to implement to celebrate a team’s achievements with rewards that feel relevant to all its members.

Virtual Meals

Remote workers, in particular, can feel very isolated from the rest of the team, which can easily lead to disengagement. When the team achieves a target or hits amazing results, the manager or team leader should organize a virtual meal for everyone.

This can be done on Zoom, and all participants can receive a takeout delivery from services like DoorDash at their home as a special reward from the company.

Virtual Happy Hours

It is a time-honored tradition for employees to go out and have a drink or two with their teams on a Friday evening. This activity has been affected by the increase in remote working, but it doesn’t mean it has to end.

Teams can choose a weekend evening to log onto a group video chat on a platform like Houseparty. Everyone can have a cocktail together and put some music on. It may not be exactly like the real thing, but it will still bring teams closer.

Weekly Coffee

If your company has a café on the premises, you can organize a coffee break for the performing teams during that week. This will allow team members to disconnect for a short time while hanging out with their coworkers in a relaxed setting.

If there is no café on-site, you can arrange to send them to the nearest coffee place instead. This will be an easy mood-booster and a straightforward reward.

Volunteering Outing

Giving back is important to employees, and rewarding a well-performing team with time off to volunteer with a charity of their choice can have a lot of meaning. When done as a group activity, it can be a great bonding moment for the whole team, and it will make a big difference to the charity.


Picnics in the outdoors are a great and easy reward to use for teams that have achieved great results. Whenever the weather allows, provide picnic food and snacks along with blankets and lawn chairs to your chosen team and send them to the park.

This is even more effective when it is done during the workday if they can be spared on a quiet day.

Movie Day

Most conference rooms can be converted into ad hoc movie theaters. This can be a fun reward for teams and an easy way to recognize their performance. The team can pick the movie, and the company can facilitate the popcorn and the screening.

A great time for such an event is when everyone can fully disconnect at the end of the shift.

Team Day Out

When a team hits a big milestone or manages to fulfill a difficult target, the reward should match their hard work. Getting them a day off the premises is great recognition, especially if it’s something like a theme park on the company’s dime.

Office Camping

If the team achievements coincide with special holidays, the office can easily be converted into a camping night out for the lucky group. If it’s around Halloween, it can be a spooky night event. If it’s around Christmas, there can be mulled wine and decorations. A great idea for Friday nights.

Team Weekend Trip

A special reward to recognize a special achievement. Teams can be sent on weekend trips to resorts or to exciting cities, depending on their preferences. An overnight trip with expenses paid is an ideal way to reward the group with a grand gesture.

Team Time Off

Few rewards are as satisfying as getting to leave early. When a team performs well, it is easy to recognize their work by sending them all home early or offering them half shifts for the week, especially if it is quiet. This will get all the other teams to work even harder to achieve the same reward.

Pub Quizzes

When a team performs to great standards, give them an afternoon off to engage in a friendly pub quiz. This is a great team bonding activity, and the company can take care of the tab. Having a fun time while also being recognized for work performance has never been easier.

Cake Day

Everybody loves a treat, and what better way is there to celebrate hitting a team milestone? Organize a selection of cakes and pastries for the hardworking team, and give them some time to enjoy them. It will make their day so much sweeter.

Dress-down Day

At workplaces with a formal dress code, most employees can’t wait for casual or dress-down ways. Rewarding a team with a day in jeans and t-shirts when everyone else still has to wear business attire will set them apart and make their day more enjoyable.

Team Shopping

Team shopping trips can be a highly entertaining way to reward a group for its efforts, especially if they are allowed to pay for some purchases with the company card or at a heavy discount.

If you can get them access to exclusive stores, especially when they’re normally closed, then that creates an even more memorable experience.

Name the Zoom Room

The necessity of having to be in Zoom meetings all the time while remote working can become a bit tedious. When a team is performing well, allow them to choose the name of the Zoom meeting room. This is a fun and easy way to control the digital environment and feel like they’ve unlocked a special perk.

Team Brewery Tour

According to Gallup, beer is consistently at the top of the list of favorite alcohol consumed by the US population. It is followed by liquor and wine, but with beer being such a favorite, it would be great to reward a high-performing team by booking them into a City Brew Tours event.

You can get a private tour just for them at various locations in the US. This is a great opportunity for team bonding and a fun way to discover more about breweries.

Virtual Group Exercising

Physical wellbeing is a big aspect of leading a healthy lifestyle, but it can be hard to stick to fitness goals, especially while remote working. This can be remedied by being held accountable through group workouts.

Reward a winning team by booking them into a select virtual fitness class, and let them enjoy the benefits together.

Team Party

Team parties are sometimes very needed to unwind after a hectic week. To reward them for making it through while performing at a high level, organize a party for a select team. This can either happen on the premises or at a trendy location in town. Either way, they will feel appreciated while getting to enjoy themselves.

Team Classes

Team classes are a great way to reward groups by getting them to have fun together while learning about something new. You can send them to take pottery classes, painting classes, or even baking classes.

Try to cater to their general interests as much as possible to make this outing even more of a success.

Team Cooking

When a team is performing well but needs a little boost, organize a team cooking challenge. A BBQ is a great way to get everyone to hang out away from work while sharing a meal together and cooking for each other. The company can take care of the cost of the necessary supplies and provide the team with some time off to enjoy this even.

Themed Lunch

A themed lunch is a highly entertaining reward that can provide lots of memorable moments. The team can choose the theme of the reward, and then the company can take care of the rest. It can be based around a favorite movie, game, or holiday. Everyone in the group, including the team leader, should wear something that fits the theme.

The meal can also be customized to be part of the experience.


As a casual reward, teams can be allowed to take the time to compete in friendly contests with each other. They can have a board game event or something that involves fitness challenges. Even dancing challenges can be an entertaining way to spend time.

This is a great icebreaker for new teams that are performing well and a wonderful way for established teams to get some time away from work.

Special Team Projects

Rewards can take many shapes, and you should consider recognizing the work of a team by allowing them to work on a special project of their choosing. This can be a work project or something to raise money for charity. Regardless of intention, the company should let them work on it together.

Team Achievements Bulletin Board

Bulletin boards are normally reserved to convey company information, but to reward a team, one can be repurposed. Use it to show all the team’s best achievements and place it in full view of the rest of the workplace.

This bulletin board can be updated and even rotated to showcase more than one team as they continue to outperform each other.

Wall of Fame

The Wall of Fame is a time-honored tradition. It can be used as a casual reward and redefined to put the spotlight on the whole team rather than on individual members. Despite becoming more outdated, the Wall of Fame is something everyone will recognize. Featured teams can take pride in being recognized in such a public way.


For the Entertainment

Rewards don’t always have to be a serious way to convey appreciation for a hardworking employee. Lighthearted rewards can be done more often and in a more casual way. They can also include more people than the big recognition gestures.

These rewards are great for engagement and as a way to positively boost someone’s mood. Here are some entertaining ideas to consider.

CEO for a Day

Every employee would love to know how it feels like to be the star of the show for a day. If possible, let the employee visit the CEO’s office and discover its features. Once that’s done, they can fill the role of CEO in their teams.

They could then go ahead and declare it a dress-down day, plan a team meal, or even make a long-winded speech if they so desire. The actual CEO should lead them on a tour of the premises to bring the point across.

Custom Slack Emote

For companies that offer plenty of Slack channels to their employees, adding a custom emote of their likeness can be a fun and casual way to make the employee feel appreciated. This can be used by everyone present in the channel and will promote interacting with other coworkers in a lighthearted manner.


Despite its name, this activity isn’t restricted to tech. You can host a hackathon in honor of an employee, and they can choose the rules and the subject of the hackathon. They may ask their coworkers to hack into an old organization process to redefine it.

Add pizza to the mix, and your employee will feel very appreciated.

Achievement Trophy

The achievement trophy should be passed down from one worthy person to another whenever they get selected as a star employee. The more bizarre the trophy choice, the better. This will easily add some fun to the workday, especially if the current employee in charge of it needs to ensure its safety by keeping it on the desk at all times.

Lazy Mondays

Reward your employee with the gift of sleep. Let them start their shift later so that they can enjoy the recognition for their hard work. This has various benefits, from giving everyone a good look at the fun, hardworking employees can have to set the tone for the whole week.

Adventure Day

This is a great reward for the thrill-seekers. Gift a deserving employee with some hardcore entertainment in the shape of a zip line session, bungee jumping, or rock climbing. For those comfortable with extreme sports, this is the ideal recognition experience.

VIP Concert

When an employee goes above and beyond, do the same for them. Treat them to a concert experience like no other by giving them the VIP treatment to their favorite artist. This includes having the best seats in the house and a meet & greet session.

Personal Assistant Week

Recognizing the hard work of an employee can be done by providing them with an assistant to help with their duties. The assistant can focus on admin tasks that take up a lot of time but don’t necessarily represent the employee’s role. This can free up the employee’s time so that they can spend it on something else while this is happening.


The fun of a karaoke night is unbeatable. Book a session at the nearest karaoke bar for your chosen employee, and let them invite their preferred guests from within the company. This can lead to an entertaining night with plenty of memorable takes on classic songs. The employee will feel appreciated and will get to enjoy a fun night out away from work.

Hobby Voucher

Even if employees are passionate about their role in the company, they will still have other hobbies and interests that they pursue outside it. To reward their efforts, give them a voucher that allows them to spend a specific amount of time during the day focusing on their other interests. This will allow them to relax and enjoy a moment of disconnect.

Personalized Mug

A personalized mug is a casual reward that can be customized with a funny or representative message. The employee will have the reminder of this recognition on their desk for a long time, and they will be able to make good use of it. Personalized mugs can add a lot of character to a workspace.

Room Naming

Once an employee has been selected to be recognized by the company, name a room after them for a week or even a month. Allow them to choose which room, be it a conference room or the break room. Make it official by putting a plaque on the door to highlight this honor.


Kitchenware is one of the best ways to recognize an employee because everyone needs tools and gadgets for this room. Make this a fun reward by choosing colorful designs or tools that are unconventional in common kitchens. Whenever the employee sees the item in their kitchen, they will be reminded of this recognition.


Electronics are another good way to reward employees for their hard work, especially if you get them something completely unexpected. Try to make it a practical reward, but keep their personality and preferences in mind. If they have a good sense of humor, that will give you more leeway.

Escape Room

Escape rooms are a great group activity. Awarding this experience to a hardworking employee can provide a very fun moment. Choose the escape room, but allow the employee to pick his favorite coworkers to bring along. The collaborative nature of this activity means that chaos might reign. It is sure to create a memorable time out.

Haunted House

A haunted house attraction is great for both laughs and thrills. Let your star employee choose their guests and provide them access to this experience. Opt for the haunted house in town that has the best reviews, and send your employee off to have fun with their recognition.

Virtual Trivia

If you want to easily recognize an employee’s efforts, let them host a virtual trivia session at a time of their choosing. This should happen when it doesn’t interfere too much with the company’s workload so that many people can join in on the fun. Team leaders are particularly encouraged to participate so they can check their level against their coworkers.

Funny Plaque

When an employee is working hard and needs a little mood lifter, reward them with funny plaques. Grant them an entertaining title, and drop the plaque on their desk. You can add a ribbon to it for extra hilarity. The employee will find it great to be appreciated, and they’ll have a reason to laugh whenever they see their workspace.

Full Company Activities

An employee can let you know that their chosen reward for their hard work is to include the whole company in on the fun. This is ideal for businesses on the smaller side but can stretch to include entire departments in the larger enterprises.

This activity doesn’t have to break the bank. Examples may include company bowling or even a group hike.

Office Upgrades

Everyone loves to customize their office space as much as possible. When an employee performs very well, they can be treated to the option to upgrade their workspace. This can be done either through an upgrade budget or by providing new features that are easily available. Your employee will get to feel more in control of their work area.

DJ Day

For the musically inclined, reward a high-performing employee with the chance to put on their very own small festival. At the next company event, grant them the time to spend at the turntables in front of everyone.

DJing a company event as recognition will make everyone else take notice of how that specific employee has achieved this.

Whole-company Half Shift

If your employee wants to include the company in their recognition, try to give everyone an earlier finish. If a half shift for the whole workforce involved in this business area is possible, choose that option. Your employee will feel recognized by everyone involved in this scheme, which can be a huge boost.

Premium Stationery

Most employees don’t invest in pricey stationery, so this can be a special reward for those who favor it. A recognition like this will add extra refinement to their office space while also including practicality. Items made by Moleskine are always a success and include luxury notebooks and planners.

Reward Points

There are numerous employee recognition platforms like Bonusly and Awardco. Employees who get recognized can be rewarded with points that add up until they can be converted into currency to purchase electronics or experiences—the more reward points, the more currency, which is why employees enjoy this type of recognition.

Surprise Bag

Gift hampers can be fun, but they can also be predictable. Eliminate that routine from this type of recognition by making it all a surprise. A surprise gift package can include anything from gift vouchers to office essentials to hilarious merchandise. Let your employee enjoy their reward by being surprised at the contents.

Vouchers for Personal Training

For employees looking to work on their fitness, vouchers for personal trainers can help them on their journey. Personal trainers can be quite pricey, so this can be a highly useful reward for those with a passion for working out.

Rewards That Develop

Development is an essential part of the employee experience. Progress opportunities can help boost engagement and wellbeing levels while keeping employees challenged and ready to learn.

Companies can use several employee development platforms to make this learning process easier, such as the Cornerstone OnDemand Learning Suite. Employee rewards can also be used as companions to development.

Thank You Notes

Handwritten thank-you notes are a very appreciated reward. They show that time and care have been taken on them, and the employee can keep them in a prized location. If handwritten notes aren’t a possibility, dropping a thank you message on an employee recognition platform like WeGift will still achieve the same boost.

Mentorship Initiatives

The best way to learn about a new role is through one-on-one time with mentors. You should arrange this as a way to recognize the hard work of an employee looking to progress within the company. This will allow them to get a clearer picture of what other roles entail from an experienced voice.


Work-related seminars provide a great forum for learning about other skills and other positions. Employees seeking development can get a lot out of this type of reward, and companies should keep it in mind when planning recognition schemes.

Professional Memberships

There are numerous memberships that can be instrumental in the development of employees, but they require a costly subscription to be paid either annually or monthly. Employees who are determined to advance as much as possible should be rewarded for their hard work with the option to have this paid for them.

Exclusive Conferences

Most employees don’t usually get access to the more exclusive conferences in the field. Rewarding them for their performance with an invitation can be a highly relevant and useful way for them to develop while learning from influential figures.

They will have much to learn from their experience, and they will feel appreciated in a way that relates to their personal motivations.

Dinner with the CEO

The CEO is one of the most influential and important people in the company and usually the one with a lot of expertise. Employees can learn a lot from spending a little time with such a person, but they do not usually get access.

When an employee has achieved huge success, they should be offered a dinner with the CEO as a reward, especially if they plan to progress. They can have a conversation with them and get inspiration for their next steps while learning more about the company.

Bylines are a highly coveted type of promotional content that has an even better ring when sponsored by the company where the employee works. These bylines can appear in huge publications like Forbes.

This will get the employees plenty of exposure and will show that their performance has earned them the backing of the business.

Financial Planning

A session with a financial planner can be an immensely useful reward for an employee, especially if they are considering making any big investments in the near future. The expert financial planners within the company can spend a session with them and advise them on what the next best steps are.


The best way to learn and develop is to share skills with other employees from other departments and other company positions. As a reward for performance, arrange skill-sharing sessions for an employee with others who can teach him more about developing and progressing.

Book Lists

Many prominent figures in departments have specific book lists that they cite as inspirations. Employees can be rewarded for their hard work with vouchers for bookshops that they can use to redeem some of these influential books. They can then use them to learn and develop from them.


As a fitting development reward, allow the chosen employee to shadow someone else in any department or role that they wish. This will allow them to see how the person’s daily routine in that position unfolds and the requirements of the role and the department are. This will allow the employee to plan the next development steps they need.

Discovering Other Offices

When working for a large enterprise with locations in different cities, employees can be rewarded with the experience of visiting the other offices. They can spend a day or two observing how the business operates in different places, which will help them understand more about the company.

Use Relevant Reward Platforms

When rewarding employees as recognition for their hard work, make sure to use the best platforms. Options like Kazoo and Assembly will help you get your employees the best and most relevant rewards. They offer comprehensive rewards in different categories, so you can browse through them and choose depending on the employee’s interests and goals.

Organize Development Budgets

The cost can hinder many times, the development of employees it involves to learn. To help with this, you should consult with the employee you are seeking to reward. This will give you an understanding of what they want to achieve. You can then plan a useful development budget that can help sponsor some of their preparation.

Gala Attendance

Company galas have a very select guest list, and most employees in non-leadership roles don’t get to attend. As an exclusive reward for the most hard-working employees, get their tickets to the annual gala for them and a plus one. If you want to go even further, arrange a table for their family members.

Charity Auction

Charity auctions are a staple for big companies, but they can be arranged on a smaller scale by employees. If you know that an employee you want to reward has a particular cause they want to support, you should grant them a chance to select it for a charity auction.

Help them organize it and allow them to then pass on the funds raised to the organization.

Reduced Prescriptions

The price of prescriptions can be a huge headache, but this can be reduced further with employee rewards. Rewarding an employee who needs prescription medication with a discount on them will greatly impact their general well-being.

You can use a prescription service like GoodRX to help you with this type of reward.

Doubly Paid PTO

Companies like BambooHR reward their employees with what they call a Paid Paid Vacation policy. This involves saving up PTO that can then be used on extra vacation time and has proven to be highly beneficial to the wellbeing of employees. If you want to make an impact on an employee’s reward, try to mimic that convenience.

Investment in Professional Development

If your employee is serious about the amount of professional development they want to undertake, you should reward their ambition in more ways than one. Their drive will greatly benefit your company, so you should facilitate their access to whatever education opportunities they are seeking.

Being in Different Teams

Teams can be a great support network for employees, but they can become very familiar after a time. If your employee wishes to develop further, they should be exposed to different teams to see how they work together and what they bring to the table. They should also observe how they can adapt to different working environments.

Exclusive Parking

Parking spaces can be a hassle, especially at companies that have huge workforces. As an exclusive treat, you can reward employees with impressive performances with a VIP parking spot near the entrance to the building. This will give them a different perspective on the daily routine and will make others take notice.

4-day Work Week

The four-day workweek is a coveted schedule by many. You can use it as a reward for hardworking employees. This reward will allow you to observe how different workers react to this change and serve as a trial run before you consider implementing it.

Work-from-home Day

When employees achieve big milestones, reward them with their choice of day to work from home. This will allow them to switch up their schedule and to have a less high-pressure day at the office. Being able to work from home on their own terms will make them enjoy the experience and return with renewed energy.

Major Expense Reward

High-performing employees may be facing a major expense when they become eligible for a reward. To help in a meaningful way, you could cover some or all of the cost. This can include a new mortgage, a new car, or a big home repair. This will help remove financial pressure from the employee while also recognizing their efforts.

Everyone Loves a Gift

Gifts are the traditional rewards for employees who hit targets and achieve milestones. Their outstanding performance can receive various types of material recognition, depending on their preferences.

To make sure you have all bases covered, you should use a comprehensive reward platform like Blueboard.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are always a versatile reward that employees at many outlets can use. Reports suggest that US businesses can spend around $24 billion per year on purchasing gift cards for their workforce.

These types of rewards work because they show appreciation and can be used easily at most major stores. From Starbucks to Amazon, gift cards are useful anywhere.

You can use platforms like Bonusly to easily purchase gift cards for your employees.

Care Packages

Send a personalized care package as a reward for your hardworking employees. Using a platform like Caroo can redefine the corporate care package system. All you have to do is select a box, and then the service does the job for you. Delivery can be at the employee’s home or at the office.


Most employees will have subscriptions to something, from streaming services to audiobook libraries. Rewarding them by paying for their subscriptions is a meaningful and personal way to recognize their hard work. You can offer to take care of their Netflix,Disney+, Spotify, or Apple Music.

If they’re gamers, you can offer to pay for a WoW subscription or for a Game Pass. No matter which one, you’ll be able to make a difference with this reward.

Dinner Delivery

Rewarding your employees can be as easy as ordering them a dinner delivery. This can be a great gesture, especially if they have a family. You can opt for a service like GrubHub or UberEats for maximum convenience.

Rideshare Credit

For employees who frequently use rideshare companies like Lyft or Uber to commute to work, this can be a very helpful type of reward. Credit for these services will be useful for them on a daily basis.

Subsidized Memberships

Memberships to gyms or professional organizations are a sought-after reward. Employees will have to face a less financial strain, and the company can reward them in a way that feels relevant and helpful.

Grocery Delivery

Rewarding an employee with a grocery delivery can be a huge boost to their wellbeing. They can use a service like Instacart to fill in their shopping list, and the company can take care of the cost. The delivery will then conveniently arrive at their home address.

Cleaning Service

Organizing a full home cleaning service as a reward for an employee’s hard work will be a very welcome type of recognition. You can use the experts from ServiceMasterClear or MollyMaid to provide this service.

Car Maintenance

Car maintenance can be very costly and can cause a lot of stress and financial strain on employees. If the employee you wish to reward has a car, offer to take care of their next car maintenance for them.

Airbnb Credit

For travelers, Airbnb credit can be a huge help to cover expenses associated with trips. In addition, Airbnb offers plenty of locations around the country, so this is a practical reward that can be offered to hardworking employees.

Luxury Gift Boxes

Opt for a luxury gift box if you’re looking to make a statement when rewarding your employees. The decadence included in the specialty Godiva Chocolatiers holiday boxes is always a hit with the recipients.


A FitBit is a great tool for those looking to lead a healthy lifestyle. This activity tracker can be a useful and appreciated reward, especially because it can be used to develop an employee’s physical well-being both at work and outside.

Designer Watch

Designer watches are always good statement pieces that can be used as rewards when an employee has achieved a high level of merit. Offerings from Rolex or Patek Philippe are always at the top of the list and make a huge impact with their timeless designs.

Branded Merch

Branded company merchandise is a great way to reward employees that also serves as advertising. When employees wear it, everyone around them takes notice of the name on the clothing or accessories that they have on.

Flowers & Wine

The traditional reward of flowers and wine continues to hold its own. Hardworking employees will have a high degree of appreciation for delivery such as this one. You can arrange gift baskets that include these items to be delivered directly to the employee.

Snack Boxes

Snack boxes are a fun and delicious way to reward employees. There are numerous types available, from international offerings like Universal Yums and Bokksu to ice cream boxes like Jeni’s Ice Cream.

Plant Subscription

If you’re looking to reward an employee with a green thumb, recognize their efforts with a plant subscription service like HousePlantBox. This will keep them surrounded with greenery for as long as they like.

Beauty Boxes

Beauty box subscriptions are another fun way to reward your employees.Birchbox and LookFantastic are among the most top-rated by consumers around the world. Items in these boxes can have huge value.

Coffee on the Company

Rewarding your employees for their productivity and performance with coffee is always a good call. You don’t have to settle for a Starbucks gift card. Check out which coffee shops in your area offer subscriptions or memberships, and get one for your employee.

Office Decor

Decorations for the office are a fun way to personalize the space without having to expend too much effort. Ask the employee you wish to reward for their preferences and invest in some lighting options or curtains.

Personalized Swag

When a company takes a step further and personalizes branded merchandise, it can make employees feel even more included. You can create travel mugs with their name on them or include specific customization on clothing items.


Balloons continue to be a cheerful addition to any event. If you want to reward your employee in a sweet fashion, order a balloon delivery for them. This is especially useful if they’ve celebrated a milestone.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime offers plenty of convenience with quick delivery times and access to services like Prime Video. You can reward your employee with an annual subscription to Amazon Prime, which will remove the need for them to have to pay for yet another one.

Local Restaurant Tour

For a personalized reward, book a local restaurant tour as a reward. This will allow your employees to have a sampling of the best food the area has to offer while also feeling thoroughly spoiled and appreciated.

The Reward of Experience

While material rewards are very enjoyable, something about offering the gift of experiences makes them very memorable. Depending on your employee’s preferences, you’ll be able to offer them the experiences of a lifetime from a wide selection.

Spot Awards

Spot awards are an easy and practical way to reward your employees, instantly letting them know how appreciated their work is. This is a way to continue establishing a positive work culture that celebrates the achievements of the individual.

Spa Day

Getting treated to a spa day at a resort is a great way to be pampered. Offering this as a reward to employees for their hard work is a wonderful treat that anyone would jump at. Book them the full experience, from massage sessions to aromatherapy, and observe their relaxation when they return.

Personal Note From the CEO

While thank-you notes are always appreciated, whether they come from peers or leadership, it is impossible to beat a personal message from the CEO. This reward should be saved for employees that have truly excelled, as it can be seen as a high honor and recognition.

Day Off Voucher

Some employees deserve practical rewards for their hard work, and to those individuals, you should give a voucher for a full day off. This can be used at their convenience and expires after one use. A day off is a great way to disconnect from work and enjoy some relaxation.

Employee of the Month

This is a traditional reward, but there’s a reason why it hasn’t yet gone out of style. It is a highly visible type of reward that will establish recognition from everyone. It highlights the employee’s hard work in a way that can’t be ignored, and it gives everyone else something to aspire to.

Premium Holidays

If you want to reward your employee with a luxurious experience, give them the gift of a premium holiday. Ask them where they would most like to travel, and get them an exclusive way of getting to live that trip. You can use platforms like Blueboard to arrange this.

Music Lessons

For the musically inclined, you can reward your employees with canto or instrument lessons. If they like drums, you can treat them to that. If they’d rather have guitar or piano, you can book them a series of lessons to learn how to play their favorites.

Private Tours

Private tours are always an exclusive way to experience the world, whether it’s an exhibit or a museum. This is a premium reward that you can give employees that stand out through their performance.

Commute Cashback

Employees who commute spend money on many things, depending on their means of transport. With cars, they pay for gas, while with public transport, they pay for tickets. Companies can reward employees with long commutes with a cashback scheme to cover these costs.


If you are looking to reward an adventurous employee with the itch to see the world, put them forward as a candidate for the RemoteYear program. This platform supports remote working for a full year while the employee travels the world and gains meaningful new experiences.

Privileged Experience

Offer the reward of exclusivity to your employee by allowing them specific experiences, like being allowed to skip the café line or having access to the premium meeting rooms. This will give them a different perspective of the workplace that they can then chase as they progress through the company.

Office Dog Day

It can be highly therapeutic to have an office dog around every week. To reward pet owners employees, you can allow them to bring their own dog to the office if it isn’t a stressful environment for them. This can be a huge perk for the whole team.

Stylist Session

Employees looking for a change in style or some general advice on this topic can be rewarded with a session led by an expert. They will learn many tips and uncover their personal style, which they can then bring into the office.

Make-up Artistry

Fans of make-up can be treated to a session with a make-up artist where they can get a full makeover or that they can use to get ready for an event. They can learn more about the art of make-up while being exposed to new products.

LinkedIn Recommendations

LinkedIn is a highly important platform for employees. Getting recommendations from company leadership on their page is a great reward for hard work that can make their profile much stronger.

Reward Students

Employees who wish to further their studies and achieve more qualifications and certificates for the job should be rewarded even more for their effort. Help them with tuition fees or supply costs and make sure they know they have the company’s support.

Achievement Certificate

An easy way to reward employees is to provide them with a certificate for their achievements. This is a visible way to highlight their effort, and they can use it as decoration for their desk and remind them of their successes.


Tickets continue to be a very popular reward for employees. You can supply them with tickets to concerts, movies, the theater, musicals, and whatever else they prefer to attend. This is an easy way to make them feel appreciated.

Outsourced Tasks

Treat your employee to the reward of clearing their workload by outsourcing tasks from the pile. This will help them catch up with work without the extra stress while the menial aspects can be easily sorted by someone else.


If your employee does charity work and is part of a sports team that raises funds for it, you should provide some sponsorship to help the cause. This is a very relevant reward for employees who are looking to do some good.

Family Days

Employees who are very attached to their families can be rewarded with a Family Open Day. During this day, they can invite their relatives to spend time with them at work. This can bring the two worlds together in a way that can be very comforting to them.

Laundry Service

It can be hard to keep track of laundry when working an intense full-time job. Helping out with laundry service as a reward can take a lot of the pressure of household chores away from the employee. This can be even more of assistance if the clothing requires dry cleaning.

Remodeling Planning

Many employees will be planning to remodel parts of their homes, especially if they’ve bought ones that require some finessing. You should reward them with either access to an interior designer that can advise them how to go about it or by setting up a remodeling budget.

Pet Daycare

Pet owners working full-time jobs may sometimes struggle to ensure that their animals are well taken care of when they are away, especially dogs. This is why you should reward them with the services of a good pet daycare, which will take some of the stress away.

Wellness Fair

Wellness fairs are becoming a staple at larger companies. If your employee has an interest in those, you should reward them with the chance to lead them and participate in everything that has to do with them. They will be able to learn more about wellbeing, sustainability, and all the amazing products available.