50 Great Examples of Corporate Wellness Programs

Corporate Wellness Programs

Back in 2009, the American Heart Association conducted an extensive study that showed the importance of workplace wellness programs on improving overall health. In 2016, the US Chamber of Commerce showed the impact of chronic illnesses experienced by over 117 million Americans on health care costs: they accounted for over 75% of them.

The study also identified five key factors in reducing chronic illnesses:

  • Walking at least 30 minutes a day
  • Avoiding smoking
  • Eating as healthy as possible
  • Keeping an eye on weight proportion
  • Moderate consumption of alcohol

Corporations offering wellness programs to their employees are providing an essential service. Companies can benefit from a healthy and productive workforce long-term by mitigating the risk of chronic illnesses, especially those triggered by stress.

An Aflac report from 2019 showed that 70% of employees participating in wellness programs have higher work satisfaction. Further studies showed that 56% of employees reported needing fewer sick days due to wellness programs.

The following examples of corporate wellness programs are providing employers with all the right resources to support their employees’ health and well-being.

Clif Bar

Clif Bar is a food and drink company focusing on energy-boosting and nutritious products. They are highly aware of the power of putting employee well-being first. Beyond allowing their employees to buy into the company, it also includes an onsite fitness center.

The company offers cash incentives for approaching commutes in more sustainable ways and a six-week sabbatical to ensure mental well-being.

Michigan State University

Michigan State is continuously investing in its employees’ mental and physical well-being, from faculty to admin jobs. It offers work-life wellness mini-grants to eligible candidates and access to healthy food through various farmer’s markets.

It also includes extensive benefits such as leave programs, prescription drug plans, and flexible spending accounts. Life event changes are also covered under the wellness policy.

Raytheon Technologies

An established aerospace and defense conglomerate, Raytheon Technologies wishes its employees to thrive. The company takes good care of its people through several policies, including flexible work arrangements, relocation assistance, and personal counseling.

It also has an Employee Scholar Program that allows eligible candidates to reimburse their tuition and other fees. This helps employees further their education without having finances as an obstacle.

The wellness program adopted by the company rewards you for making healthy choices.


Auto racing company NASCAR has an established wellness program with a focus on fitness. The program includes year-round benefits such as onsite biometric screenings, flu shots, and exercise classes.

Employees can also benefit from Lunch and Learn sessions and financial education seminars and healthy lifestyle discounts. The company offers tobacco-free incentives to all employees wishing to quit the habit with the proper support to ensure positive results.

American Diabetes Association

The American Diabetes Association includes various corporate wellness programs to take care of its employees. The organization focuses on providing its employees with the necessary resources to have a positive work-life balance while fostering inclusion.

It also offers access to health savings accounts, employee assistance, flexible spending accounts, a referral bonus, and various lifestyle discounts. The association strives to ensure the long-term financial stability of its workforce, which significantly reduces stress levels.


Popular supermarket chain Wegmans has a comprehensive network of wellness programs across its many stores designed to keep employees healthy. The programs include benefits such as tobacco quitting assistance, blood pressure check-ups, and free flu shots.

Every year, there is an extensive onsite health screening provided to employees. This covers BMI, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and weight checks, all for free. Employees seeking to financially ensure their future can opt for 401(k) plans.


FullContact is a company specializing in Identity Resolution software programs. The business puts people first and strives to ensure the health of employees. To do this, it fosters an inclusive and diverse workforce that it assists with wellness programs.

The company offers paid healthcare support and a casual dress code. It also has unlimited and flexible vacation time, with the bonus of 26 paid vacation days. To protect mental health and a positive work-life balance, employees can make their own schedules.

Penn Medicine

Penn Medicine is part of the University of Pennsylvania Health System, which includes multiple hospital locations. The organization strives to protect the well-being of its workforce through various corporate wellness programs.

These include professional development opportunities, onsite gym and fitness centers, and a comprehensive wellness portal. There are two child care sites on location and a backup option for emergencies.


An established pharmaceutical company, Merck knows that its people are the driving force behind its success. To ensure the well-being of its workforce, the business has created a network of wellness benefits called Total Rewards.

These include personalized programs and financial and health-related rewards and incentives. The company also offers comprehensive resources to assist with and to protect financial well-being.

St Elizabeth Healthcare

Based in Cincinnati, St Elizabeth Healthcare is a large hospital offering extensive services in the region. It seeks to provide a holistic experience to its employees and to protect their well-being across the board.

To do so, it offers pharmacy discounts at hospital-based locations, free annual flu shots, free tetanus vaccinations to those who need them, and free Hepatitis B shots for those with occupational risk.

There is also free parking and select relocation benefits.

Unravel Therapeutics

As a popular spa in Seattle, Unravel Therapeutics doesn’t just provide a holistic experience to its clientele. The business is owned by women and minorities and seeks to foster a richly diverse work culture.

It bolsters the well-being of its employees by offering paid family leave and time off for illness, as well as a store discount. In addition, it includes continuing education and progression opportunities and a flexible approach to scheduling.


This not-for-profit healthcare system takes into account the wellness needs of its workforce and provides various benefits. It includes numerous wellness programs and access to resources. There are added financial rewards to help with maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The business celebrates its employees whenever achievements are met, and it features time-away benefits and flexible schedules. Learning and development opportunities are also ongoing.


Novelis is a leading manufacturing company specializing in aluminum based in Atlanta, Georgia. It is focused on empowering its workforce to reach its full potential. To do so, it invests millions in development programs and benefits.

It includes various placement and training programs, along with tuition reimbursement, car discounts, flexible spending accounts, and health savings accounts. It also covers disability and life insurance options.


Informatica specializes in cloud data management for enterprises, an established software development company. It offers an employee assistance program as well as health and wellness benefits across its sites.

Virtual wellness opportunities are ensured through the Ten Spot employee engagement platform. These help with 24/7 support to assist with healthy habits, mood-boosting opportunities, and even team hangouts.


Cisco is a technology conglomerate that specializes in cybersecurity solutions. It focuses on employee well-being and offers financial wellness programs and a stock purchase option. There are also annual performance-based bonuses and tuition and lab fees reimbursement assistance to help further education. In addition, the company lets you take your birthday off to properly enjoy it, no matter when it falls.

You can pick either a prize or an experience to celebrate in style for your first and fifth work anniversaries.


A real estate and investment firm, CBRE leads the way with its comprehensive corporate wellness system. It includes adoption assistance, a transit program, and employee discounts. It also offers learning and development opportunities at every stage of your career.

There is a Highly Compensated Employee PTO program that includes unlimited PTO, and the employee assistance program gives access to a wealth of resources and tools.


Avalara is a software company specializing in tax compliance software. Working there gives access to an array of wellness options. These include numerous health benefits, modern offices with fully-stocked fridges, and even free espresso at any site.

There are also flexible schedules and commuter perks and mentorship opportunities and career progression choices. The company fosters a diverse work culture focused on the well-being of its people.


A world-leading fitness equipment manufacturer, Nautilus offers various wellness perks and programs to ensure the well-being and health of its employees. An onsite gym is also available to family members and a business casual dress code for comfort.

There are employee discounts, paid volunteer days, and service award programs. The Road to Wellness option helps employees be their healthiest selves.


WEX is a payment solutions provider with an excellent corporate wellness program to sustain the health of its employees. The company wants to ensure that five aspects of an employee’s life are in balance at all times:

  • Community
  • Physical
  • Financial
  • Career
  • Social

The company offers programs to support each of those elements to provide this balance. From a Day of Caring to Bike Around Campus and marathon teams, WEX employees get to benefit from a healthy work culture.

Finish Line

This shoe store retail chain fosters a healthy work culture with a focus on wellness. It provides resources and programs that help with mental, financial, physical, and career well-being.

Employees are encouraged to prioritize their wellness and empowered to understand what they need and achieve it. The programs are available to employees and their immediate families to ensure that all needs are met.

Frequency Therapeutics

Frequency Therapeutics is a biotechnology company focusing on regenerative therapies. Its corporate wellness programs include a student loan repayment option, a retirement savings plan, and an employee stock purchase plan.

It also helps ensure its workforce’s mental and physical health by providing comprehensive insurance options and a flexible spending account.


A financial services provider, Citibank includes excellent incentives to its employees. In addition, the company focuses on preserving the mental and physical health of its workforce through various programs.

Its most popular feature is the Live Well rewards system. This provides employees with rewards for choosing to make healthy choices, such as a health assessment followed by opportunities to earn Virgin Pulse Points by completing various activities.

Action rewards are available by completing a biometric screening and participating in wellness workshops.

Turner Construction

A multinational company, Turner Construction offers comprehensive employee wellness options. These include physical examinations, a 24/7 nurse line, health club reimbursements, and reimbursements for licenses and certifications.

It also offers university gift matching and car leasing options and discounts for buying computers. The insurance coverage goes further in supporting the physical and mental well-being of the workforce.


A company specializing in software for the finance sector, Intuit invests in the wellness of its employees. It offers a Well-Being for Life program to all regular employees that can see them receiving up to $1300 per year to help cover the costs of wellness activities.

The program covers most activities that provide support for physical, financial, and emotional wellness issues. Immediate family can also be included in the program to help with additional costs.

Penguin Random House

Popular book publisher Penguin Random House offers various wellness incentives to its employees. These include a comprehensive list of health benefits covering physical and mental needs and development opportunities.

The company fosters a diverse and inclusive work culture and even includes a free books program for the workforce.

Plante Moran

Plante Moran specializes in management consulting and offers various wellness opportunities to its workforce. It includes parental leave and a comfortable dress code that allows people to decide what to wear based on what they will be doing during the day.

There are also athletic reimbursement options that cover part of health and fitness classes. Transportation reimbursement and flexible scheduling are also available.

Southern Ohio Medical Center

This not-for-profit hospital has numerous employee resources to help protect the physical and mental well-being of the workforce. It includes the Healthy Partners program, which focuses on eating healthy and avoiding the use of tobacco or alcohol.

It also provides preventative measures and helps manage chronic conditions and mental health needs. Dedicated case managers are there to provide specialized care.


Nvidia is a popular multinational technology company focusing on graphics processing units. It offers various wellness options to its employees, including coverage for scheduled medical visits. It includes tailored resources to meet individuals’ mental and physical health needs.

The company helps with providing care for children or elderly relatives and also has a flexible time off program.

West Monroe Partners

An established digital consulting firm, West Monroe Partners, has a people-first attitude and a wellness program to support it. There are stock purchase options available and flexible time off resources for eligible employees.

It includes a maternity program through the Maven Clinic, and it offers access to professional growth opportunities. Volunteering is supported through the Dollars for Doers program.


A multinational company offering professional services, Deloitte has experience in providing wellness programs to its employees. It includes a tailored approach to individual mental and physical well-being needs.

It also offers a wellness subsidy of $500 per year to cover the costs of fitness and mindfulness activities such as gym memberships or yoga classes.


Synchrony is a financial services company with an established wellness program. It offers tuition reimbursement as well as development and progression opportunities. Reimbursements of up to $9000 per year are available to those seeking professional certifications. This covers tuition fees that include non-degree options. The inclusive and diverse working culture offers networking opportunities.

Issuer Direct

A technology company specializing in cloud-based communications and compliance services, Issuer Direct, has a diverse and people-first work culture focused on wellness. There are free breakfasts every Friday and an onsite pizza oven and popcorn maker. The casual dress code and comfortable work environment add to the community feeling, while the full medical benefits, PTO, and 401(k) plan take care of the rest.


KPMG is a multinational services provider specializing in audits and taxes. The company is aware of its duty of care to its workforce and has created Our Impact Plan. This program covers the business’ impact on its people, governance, prosperity, and even the planet.

The wellness opportunities provided include empowering people through a proactive listening strategy. The company has provided additional support for mental and physical health to cover the effects of the pandemic.


Slalom is invested in providing wellness opportunities to its employees, a consulting firm specializing in business and technology. These include parental leave, recreational clubs, and remote work options.

Annual company outings add to the well-being, while the continuing education stipend and paid certifications ensure a rich development.


A software company specializing in developing solutions, Hubspot is a leader in offering wellness programs to its employees. There is flexible unlimited vacation time on offer, including a company-wide week off in July. The Vacation Quota Relief ensures this service is always available.

Every five years, there is a four-week paid sabbatical option available to employees. The hybrid work model includes remote or flexible office options.

RA Nelson

A company providing custom home building in mountain communities, RA Nelson offers wellness options that go beyond traditional benefits. Employees can enjoy flexible schedules and a positive work-life balance.

There are regular Fun Club company-wide events that include picnics, pizza parties, and themed events. The top scorers in the wellness program are rewarded with cash prizes and paid continuing education opportunities are ongoing.

V3 Companies

A construction engineering business, V3 Companies, is employee-owned and consistently featured in healthiest employers lists. It includes the Revitalize Wellness Program that focuses on providing resources and tools to support healthy lifestyle choices.

There are seminars and workshops, walking competitions, and various fitness activities on offer year-round. Relatives of employees are also encouraged to participate.

HealthSource Solutions

HealthSource Solutions also benefits from a great well-being program, a company that provides employee wellness platforms. It includes employee access to the WellRight platform, which features a holistic approach covering all wellness aspects.

This includes nutrition and exercise support and financial education and social enrichment. However, the focus remains on personal well-being and growth within the company.

Point Loma Nazarene University

A Christian liberal arts college, Point Loma Nazarene, offers a wellness program in collaboration with the WellRight platform and FitBit. This partnership helps employees keep track of goals while providing them with the necessary well-being resources.

Every fall, the university hosts a community walk. Every December, staff, and faculty are encouraged to walk 100 miles until the 25th to symbolize the journey of Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem.


An established floral and garden center, Bachman’s has been in business since 1885 and knows the value of putting employees’ well-being first. It includes a family-centric wellness program that focuses on every aspect, from financial to social.

Events run through the year, and quarterly activities are a big attraction. These can be based around fitness, exercise, or self-care. There are wellness seminars and even an employee bowling league.

NJ Transit

NJ Transit is a public transportation service that includes various wellness options, including numerous virtual seminars and workshops. The current virtual options include resources for well-being aspects such as proper nutrition, sticking to new years’ resolutions, and goal tracking.

There are also opportunities to learn about meal prepping, healthy movement, and maintaining a positive work-life balance.

Chateau Victoria

A comfortable and affordable hotel, Chateau Victoria prides itself on its approach to employee wellness. Its corporate program includes staff events, free parking, and education credits to advance opportunities.

There are development options available, as well as bike storage and numerous health benefits. The competitive wages ensure financial stability.


Kelly is a management consulting service specializing in temporary staffing. It offers great wellness incentives to its employees, especially those working over 20 hours a week. These include voluntary benefits, an ACA health plan, and a dedicated wellness program.

This option includes 24/7 access to counselors and to a dedicated Life Coach. It also gives access to the Life Enhancement Resource Center for further well–being tools. This coverage extends to live-in partners or spouses, as well as dependent children up to 26 years old.

Nicholas and Company

Nicholas and Company consider its employees to be extended family by offering an established food distribution service. It offers various wellness programs and includes extended sick leave, scholarships, and VASA gym memberships.

Tuition reimbursement is available to those seeking to continue their education. There is access to a health advocate and onsite massage sessions, as well as a family day.


A multinational network dedicated to offering professional services, EY includes numerous tools to ensure employee well-being, especially through its Total Rewards program. This offers a flexible vacation policy that includes nineteen days of PTO.

Once an employee has reached their one-year anniversary, they become eligible for sixteen weeks of parental leave if needed. Ten days of extra PTO are available to those caring for family members and in need of personal time.


A used vehicle retailer, CarMax invests in its employees’ ongoing success and wellness. It includes an expectant mothers program and a digital well-being platform. Various wellness incentives are offered, including nurse support for chronic conditions.

The dedicated employee assistance program and tuition assistance program offer additional support. There is also an employee stock purchase plan and a daycare savings account.

Meritain Health

An established insurance company, Meritain Health, offers various wellness programs that ensure the health of its employees. Over 400 activities are available to choose from, and a tailored program can be made to suit the needs of any individual.

The wellness platform can be accessed on mobile or desktop and features easy integration with trackers. Coaching is available, as is mental health support.

Tidelands Health

A healthcare provider dedicated to serving communities, Tidelands Health offers various wellness incentives to keep its employees healthy and comfortable. Among them, it provides access to employee parking, numerous insurance plans, and a fitness center discount.

It also has an employee recognition and employee assistance program to provide extra support.

Educational opportunities are available at any time, as is tuition assistance for those pursuing specific career development plans.

Navy Federal Credit Union

The Navy Federal Credit Union knows that employee wellness should always be prioritized as a global enterprise. Therefore, it includes an onsite fitness center and an onsite health center to cover all health needs, both physical and mental.

Telemedicine support is available to those who need it, and so are education and development opportunities. Financial assistance can be provided for continuing education.


A communication-focused cloud platform, Bandwidth puts a lot of value on its workforce. To ensure the well-being of employees, the company provides various wellness incentives. These include a 90-minute Fitness Lunch that provides enough time for a workout and a nutritious meal. Free gym memberships are available for onsite facilities but also to a larger fitness center. The membership includes shuttle service.