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PurelyHR is an affordable and convenient HRIS platform that you can customize as needed by opting for all the modules on offer or picking only the relevant ones for your model. It includes six customizable features that can assist your business.

The Staff module is the required start-off point. You can then add as many of the other modules as you need: they are Warnings, Performance, Time-Off, Time-Clock, and Time-Sheet. Once you’ve selected your choice in modules, you can add the number of staff using them.

This will tailor the experience to your needs and provide comprehensive support through automation and streamlined processes. PurelyHR starts at a monthly price of $5, includes no hidden fees, and provides discounts for nonprofits and those opting for an annual membership plan.

How Can PurelyHR Assist Your Business?

PurelyHR is designed to be versatile and flexible. You can create your own mix of features, especially if you’re already using other platforms to manage payroll. PurelyHR makes workforce management easy, with efficient onboarding and handling of employee data and ensuring policy adherence.

PurelyHR offers a centralized digital employee database that is constantly updated. Employees can also control it by selecting self-service tasks that allow them to feel empowered in the process.

If you have a company that operates across multiple locations, PurelyHR can adapt to that. Each location can be customized differently than others, especially if it includes different regulations or employee policies for time off and holidays.

PurelyHR has a seamless customizable interface that helps with navigation and use. You can include your logo to give it a more personalized feeling. Workforce management reports can be produced whenever necessary, especially if you’re looking for more in-depth insight into performance.

Digital Processing

Documents relating to workforce management and HR will not have to be circulated in-person anymore. All paperwork can be uploaded to PurelyHR’s database, which includes 500MB of document storage.

Employees can use digital signatures for requests and official paperwork. This keeps the process straightforward and paperless, which is great for convenience and for the environment. Employee information will be stored securely on the encrypted database, and it will provide the ability to be updated by them whenever needed.

Employees and employers will also be aware of their timekeeping and the access the platform offers. Requests for time off and holidays made through the platform will be easy to manage and respond to in a timely manner.

Long-standing Talent

Retaining talented employees ensure the long-term success of most companies. PurelyHR can make sure that new and current employees will remain a part of the company long-term. This can be helped through managing certifications and qualifications and ensuring that learning opportunities are provided.

In industries that require specific up-to-date qualifications, you can set up reminders and expiry dates. Mandatory qualifications can also be included to make sure they are provided whenever necessary. This helps the business remain compliant.

The PurelyHR database allows you to get an in-depth view of each employee, not just on a performance level. You can add qualifications, languages, and other skills to their profiles. This will give a well-rounded view of their achievements and their talent.

With PurelyHR, you’ll be able to keep your talent well-stocked with training materials and development opportunities.

Straightforward Warning System

All companies have to deal with disciplinary action, but PurelyHR removes the complexity of recording it while offering full transparency. The disciplinary process is usually highly regulated, and keeping track of all of its stages on PurelyHR will help meet those requirements while keeping employees informed.

Disciplinary meetings or hearings can be easily recorded in full detail on the platform. Setting up the specific infractions that will cause a disciplinary process is straightforward and easily updated. The platform will then send and track infraction warnings.

It will also offer digital signature features that will further ensure employee compliance and communication.

PurelyHR Summary

  • PurelyHR allows you to build your own human resources platform by letting you choose as little or as many modules as you need. These modules are customizable and full of features that can help your company’s journey.
  • PurelyHR has affordable pricing options, positive feedback from numerous companies, and high ratings from the biggest reviewing platforms.
  • It is a great choice for small businesses and benefits from high-quality customer support that is always ready to assist you.