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PDS Vista
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PDS Vista is a full HCM software suite created by PDS for midsize companies and enterprises. It includes tools for all aspects of HR and workforce management: recruitment, payroll, development, self-service, workflow, and analytics.

It simplifies and automates processes that used to be time-consuming and it consolidates them in one easy-to-navigate platform. It can be used across various industries, and it is suited for international use. It particularly benefits North American companies as it uses a cross-border single database shared by the US and Canada.

PDS Vista offers full features on the same platform, but they don’t all need to be activated at once. Instead, you can choose and mix the ones relevant to your current business model, then add more as it grows.

How Can PDS Vista Help Your Company?

The integrated PDS Vista HCM platform offers a highly-secure and easy-to-use system. In addition, it has extensive functionality that includes customizable aspects and a comprehensive manager dashboard.

The PDS Vista software puts your company and employees first. Every aspect included on the platform is created to make processes easier and more efficient, leading to boosting performance, productivity, and quality.

The extensive tools that PDS Vista provides will turn HR and workforce management into strategic assets for your company. They will be used to create and define positive work culture through empowering employees and providing performance reports full of insights.

The platform can be easily set up to your specific regulation, compliance, and policy needs. By automating the bulk of administrative tasks, PDS Vista frees up time that can be spent on development and performance-boosting.

It Has Intuitive Self-Service

PDS Vista includes comprehensive self-service options for managers and employees. The number of self-service features is up to the company. User roles can be created and configured with different access levels.

Employees will usually have access to their schedule and payment information, including W-2 and T-4 forms and other tax data. They can then submit queries that managers will review and approve, such as time-off requests, holiday requests, time entry requests, and shift changes.

It Has Extensive Payroll Features

PDS Vista features payroll features that keep it at the forefront of HCM software. The platform focuses on automating the payroll process and streamlining it for payroll administrators. Special criteria can be included when the automation is being set.

The automated payroll process will adhere to federal, state, and local tax requirements in the US and Canada, as applicable. In addition, the platform will calculate pay, create paychecks, process wage attachments, ensure tax reciprocity, and perform manual checks.

It will also be able to support retroactive pay increases, check reversals, and labor charges. PDS Vista will calculate labor distribution and will keep track of leave time and benefits.

It Includes a Personalized Recruiting Portal

PDS Vista will streamline the recruitment process by providing you with an intuitive platform. This will allow applicants to easily build their profiles and apply to open positions in your company as they appear.

The recruiting portal can be accessed from mobile devices, so applicants will be able to use it on the go. They’ll also be able to attach documents and check on the status of their applications.

Workflow Tasks Have Never Been Easier

The workflow features included in Vista will enable permitted users to benefit from automated approval processes and easy management of the workforce. Transaction activity will be easily monitored, and employee transactions will be dealt with easier and quicker.

The approval system can be accessed remotely via computer, tablet, and mobile devices. First, the employee will submit the request, which a manager or approver will then review. The request will then be either approved, rejected, or corrected. The employee will then be notified via the platform and via email.

This will reduce waste and the time spent on dealing with paper form requests.

PDS Vista Summary

  • Vista is designed to cater to your specific needs and can adapt to whatever you need it to do according to your specific criteria.
  • The data used will create comprehensive analytics and reports that will show in-depth information about how your company works. This will allow you to take full advantage of the data by easily actioning changes where they are needed.

Managers and employees are empowered by access to numerous self-service tools that create a more efficient system. The manager dashboard has comprehensive access to all workforce management and HR tools.