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Paylocity is a suite of modern and flexible workforce solutions that will cover all your HR and payroll needs. The software is designed to grow and evolve at your company’s pace, and it will keep it supported with a future-forward outlook.

This all-in-one platform is created to be innovative, customizable, and easily adaptable. It offers a partnership that can simplify complex processes while preparing to meet the demands of the future and ensure the present’s success.

Paylocity can give you a tailored experience that will support you through processing taxes and payroll, meeting compliance standards, and keeping employees happy throughout their long-lasting life cycle within the company.

What Does Paylocity Offer Your Business?

Paylocity is a platform full of features that can suit the needs of any company. On-demand expert support is always available, but the suite is straightforward to learn and customize and easily implemented.

It is suited to serve companies of all sizes, from small to enterprises. It excels in providing tools for industries like finance, manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, retail, education, technology, and logistics.

Its versatility makes it a powerful tool that even offers excellent integration with over 300 vendors across numerous product categories. This creates a streamlined payroll and workforce management system that can be synced across platforms to provide and record accurate data across them.

The integration dashboard keeps you informed and in control of all relationships with other vendors and makes it easy to connect with new ones. As a result, Paylocity ensures the success of your company’s HR and workforce sectors by offering them all the tools they need to boost their productivity.

Guaranteed Peace of Mind

Paylocity automates most of the complex process of remaining compliant as a business. This takes a lot of weight off you while making sure to keep your company adherent to all regulations that affect it.

Paylocity is always updated with the latest regulations that meet industry standards. It is aware of local, state, and federal rules that are relevant to your company, and you won’t have to worry about them. Payroll will be calculated according to this data, and accuracy will be ensured.

Paylocity will take the pressure off you by creating a straightforward system that does this sort of work for you without requiring extra effort or input. Customize it with your location and the regulations your business must meet, and Paylocity will lead the way on that journey.

Streamlined Payroll Experience

Payroll data can be complicated to keep up with, especially if you have many variables affecting wages, time off, holidays, and different rules for different roles in the hierarchy. Paylocity ensures that your employees and you will benefit from payroll security.

The software will automate most payroll processes while simplifying the entire experience. You’ll be able to easily customize and update it as necessary, but Paylocity will do the bulk of the work.

Reimbursements, benefits, compensation, and taxes won’t be something you will have to worry about or manually keep track of for each employee. Instead, you can create custom reports to see how the payroll processing is performing and how it affects the workforce.

The Paylocity payroll processing system allows employees control and flexibility over their paycheck. They will even be able to get access to paying out portions of their wages in case they need them. Prioritizing the needs of your employees will boost the productivity of your company.

Efficient Recruiting

Recruiting new talent is one of the best ways to ensure the success of your company. Paylocity modernizes recruiting software and allows easy communication between candidates and employers. In addition, the software automates the process of posting about openings on the most important job portals.

It also allows you to customize job ads, simplify applications, collect information while adhering to data protection regulations, and ensure a smooth onboarding system.

Paylocity Summary

  • Paylocity is a comprehensive tool that allows you access and power over the whole payroll and workforce management system. This will boost the productivity and success rates of the company while keeping your employees happy, protected, and accurately paid.
  • It offers effective smart automation that works for you with no extra effort. It easily keeps track of timekeeping processes, which provides correct and updated information.
  • Paylocity boosts productivity through going paperless and automating processes. It uses a single database that stores all your information securely, which makes access unified and easy.