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Namely is a simple personalized HR software that is a success with companies and employees. It makes essential HR tasks easy to access on one integrated platform. Namely HR includes access to the employee database, time management, and real-time custom reports.

Your core HR needs will be covered by this intuitive software that uses modern technology to create flexible and easy solutions for your company. From onboarding to providing mobile access with a streamlined app, Namely can help you keep track of all pertinent HR processes.

The platform will even be able to create employee engagement and interaction through a personalized social news feed.

How Can Namely HR Software Help Your Business?

Namely HR Software will put you in control of these processes. You will be able to use the platform to customize the HR resources that are relevant to your company. Once you have picked the tools that suit your business most, you’ll be able to access them in one platform that is easy to navigate.

Namely is designed to be used by anyone, no matter the level of expertise with similar software. Its primary aim is to reduce the complexity of the company’s workload. Namely will simplify the routine and make it more accessible by automating back of office processes involved in HR.

The motto behind Namely HR follows the premise of hiring, inspiring, and retaining employees until it is time for them to retire. In addition, the platform is designed to help with onboarding by building trust with new employees from the first day.

It can offer the advantages of eSignature integration, which will ensure everyone is in compliance and protected. In addition, employee profiles will be easily accessed in one place on this database, and time off and vacation requests will be handled as they are submitted.

The Mobile App Grants Access on the Go

The mobile app provides a secure way for employees to access Namely while they’re on the move. They will need to use FaceID or TouchID to log on to it, which increases the protection levels. Through the app, employees will have access to their personal information and activity feed.

They’ll also be able to see their available holidays, their requests for time off, their schedule, and their paystubs and balances. Company resources will be made available through the app, as will the employee database.

There Are Many Company Features

Through Namely, the business will have access to numerous customizable features. You’ll be able to access the employee database and the social feed, and you’ll be able to assign employee allocations. You can create custom teams and unlimited workflows.

Namely allows you to create custom roles that you can then use to assign specific workflows or projects. It includes unlimited document storage and mass e-signature use. You will even receive notifications of important upcoming dates.

It Simplifies Onboarding

Welcoming new employees to the company can be an intense process, but Namely streamlines it. The new employee is provided with e-Verify and eSignature access before their first day on the premises. They are also assigned task lists and given personalized branding.

Preparing the process before the new employee arrives will simplify the process and the amount of paperwork needed on the day.

Reports Provide Insight

Namely produces real-time custom reports according to your specifications. When you want to create a custom analytic, you can use various filters and sorting options to get insight into the areas you need.

The reports can include graphics, and they have multiple export options. These reports will help establish best-practice strategies affecting the workforce. In addition, they can include multiple points in time in one report, which will help illustrate the needs of the business.

Namely HR Summary

  • Namely HR Software provides a modern and streamlined approach to all the HR essentials that your company might need.
  • Namely HR covers onboarding, time-off requests, analytics, and employee information.It includes access to manager and employee self-service tasks.
  • The mobile app allows remote access to the platform. Employees can check on their pending requests and their personal information. They can also view paystubs and tax information while getting access to the company resources.
  • Namely HR is an intuitive platform with customizable options and real-time reports. It enables employees access to their HR information and how the system works.