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This time and attendance software makes workforce management more streamlined and more efficient. It has integrated payroll and ERP features and includes absence management software, automated employee scheduling, mobile workforce management, and an employee self-service portal.

It automates complex processes and frees up time that can be focused on boosting productivity and prioritizing the needs of the workforce. It offers multiple ways to clock in and out, and it has a real-time reporting system that gets updated on the go.

Mitrefinch created the first-ever time and attendance software, so their expertise in the field is one-of-a-kind. With this full suite of workforce management tools, Mitrefinch software is changing how businesses are run.

What Can Mitrefinch Software Offer Your Company?

Mitrefinch software has received numerous accolades and awards for the quality of its processes. It also uses modern technology that is ready to support your company in the future. The platform is suited to all industries, but in particular to construction, finance, hospitality, healthcare, public services, and utilities.

It aims to make your life easier and free time that can be spent on enhancing the business model’s profitability. The numerous solutions it offers can all be adapted to your needs, and they can provide you with extensive insight into how your company is performing.

Mitrefinch software can also provide you with a tailor-made platform that will fit all your needs. You can opt for a platform that only operates in the cloud, one that only operates on-premise or a hybrid option that combines the best of the previous mentions.

Implementation is as straightforward as the rest of the process. Mitrefinch will take care of installing the platform quickly, efficiently, and in the way that best suits your company and your employees. Mitrefinch software also includes ultra-modern hardware to support it the smooth running of the platform.

Mobile Workforce Management

Mitrefinch software keeps you connected at all times. It allows employee scheduling to happen on the go. Remote employees can use the platform to clock in or out, no matter their location. GPS tracking effortlessly monitors employee hours in a way that can be easily checked for supporting evidence.

Mobile workforce management removes accuracy issues from timekeeping, which will help when syncing with a payroll platform. It will also keep your business compliant, especially when it comes to employee scheduling and worked hours.

The mobile workforce feature of the Mitrefinch software works on both iOS and Android, as well as on tablets and laptops. It can be used through any web browser, and it can automate the process of sending email reminders to employees.

Employee Self-Service System

The Mitrefinch software employee self-service system gives your workforce the tools to manage documentation, access employee planners, manage availability and time-off requests, and easily communicate with their managers and co-workers through the internal messaging system.

The platform continues to keep supervisors and managers in control of exclusive access, but it allows employees to get more of a say. This can boost employee satisfaction and engagement, which will increase productivity and makes your workforce more efficient.

The employee self-service system dashboard provides easy access to messages and the status of requests waiting for manager approval. It also gives them a safe space to keep all their digital files, which they can access from anywhere, even when they’re not on company premises.

Proven Track Record

During its extensive decades in the field of workforce management, Mitrefinch has established connections with prestigious partners. Mitrefinch software is currently used by brands such as Nestlé, HSBC, Siemens, the YMCA, and NAPA.

Mitrefinch software is known for the premium features it offers and for the positive effect, it can have on the workforce and the business.

Mitrefinch Summary

  • Mitrefinch software provides extensive features and tools that will make your company time and cost-effective. It will boost and empower your workforce while taking care of their needs and providing them with a user-friendly platform that enables their access and allows them to claim some ownership over processes.
  • Mitrefinch software is usually custom-made to fit a company’s specific needs, from the hardware to the location of the platform. By giving Mitrefinch information about your company, they will create a solution that is perfect just for you. They will also take care of implementation and mechanics while providing full support to cover your entire journey.