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iSolved’s Human Capital Management Software offers a platform that consolidates employee-related administration. Through this software, managing the workforce becomes a more efficient and streamlined process.

iSolved’s HCM software automates tasks related to employee management. Employees are given access to self-service procedures, whether they are team members or managers. This enables them to keep track of their workload, personal information, and payment details.

This resource frees up time spent on administration while boosting the productivity of the workforce. iSolved’s HCM Software operates in the cloud and allows remote access to all users on one easy-to-manage platform.

From applicant tracking to payrolls, admin duties will be accessible, practical, and the software will work in the best interests of the company and the workforce.

What Makes iSolved’s HCM Software Right for Your Business?

The HCM software created by iSolved is a great resource for all types of companies across various industries. Its versatility allows it to be an asset to healthcare providers, engineers, accountants, hotel owners, and manufacturers, among many others.

It simplifies administrative processes frees up time that the workforce can instead use to boost productivity and achieve targets. The software is designed to recruit, manage, pay, and empower the people working within your company.

This efficient software sustains developing business models. It can grow alongside your company, and it is created with the future in mind. It provides advanced technology that has already received numerous accolades for its proven success.

iSolved’s HCM software solution will help with the management of the entire life cycle that the employees spend within the company. This will allow you unparalleled insights into the workforce’s performance.


It Puts Employees First

Studies have shown that the most successful companies are the ones with happy, fairlycompensated employees. iSolved has created this HCM software to ensure that employees get a positive experience that will then reflect on the company.

The technology that powers the iSolved platform allows employees smooth, intuitive access to the tools that keep them informed and connected. It also helps the company find, recruit, and keep the best people the field offers.

The iSolved HCM software offers a comprehensive people-first solution that will help your company succeed through the power of its people.

It Offers Customized Pricing

Your company can opt for the full features provided by iSolved’s HCM software. It can also choose only the most relevant tools to how it runs and the business model it pursues. When you decide that this is the right software choice, you will be able to pick the features.

There are no separate tiers for pricing. Instead, iSolved charges based on which features you want to activate. You can choose to focus on one of the nine features it offers or combine them in various ways.

If you’d rather go for the full package, you’ll have access to all the workforce management tools. When considering which features to get, you can discuss various pricing plans with the iSolved team that will help guide you.

Data Security Is Essential

With all that personal and payment information stored in the iSolved HCM cloud, privacy tools and safety are of utmost importance. The platform’s technology boosts security while keeping risk at a minimum. It also makes sure that all data is handled and protected according to regulations.

Regulatory compliance and operational risk management are always implemented. The software works to keep your company and employee information safe without any further input from you. The same is true for fraud prevention and control.

The safety measures in place within the iSolved HCM software will keep you protected as time passes. There are constant upgrades to the system that are futureproof, which means you won’t have to look for other options years from now because iSolved is in constant evolution.

iSolved HCM Summary

  • All the tools you need to efficiently and successfully manage your company’s workforce are available within one streamlined platform.
  • iSolved’s technology is designed to adapt to your business as it grows and to keep its needs filled through constant upgrades and developments.
  • The people-first philosophy at the core of iSolved HCM software will create a positive working experience that will boost productivity.
  • iSolved HCM Software covers the entire lifecycle of an employee, from recruitment to benefit management. This will avoid the need to outsource other tools to keep track of separate parts of the process.