Fusion HCM by Oracle

Fusion HCM by Oracle
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The Oracle Fusion HCM platform offers a complete solution for all your HR and workforce management needs that covers the entire life cycle of employees, from recruitment to retirement. Oracle Fusion HR offers native cloud integration and stores everything digitally for maximum convenience.

Through the cloud, access is enabled to the same resources from any location and at any time. This ensures the coherence of all recorded data that is uploaded or maintained using the same tools. Oracle Fusion HR is a great solution for enterprises, allowing easy and efficient global management. There are many configuration options, and optimizing all automated processes creates an efficient and productive business model that includes a happy workforce.

What Can Fusion HCM Give Your Company?

Oracle’s Fusion HCM platform includes 10 modules. You can select as many as suit your company. The modules involve core HR processes, support for connections, an HR help desk, a digital assistant, tools for work-life, journeys, benefits administration, workforce predictions and planning, and advanced HCM features.

With all these tools on offer, Oracle Fusion HR allows you to create your own experience of the platform based on the company size, workforce, and targets. You will get to benefit from this all-in-one solution or combine it with existing software.

The innovative and intuitive design of the software is forward-thinking, and it will cover all your company’s needs even as the model and the world continue to evolve. In addition, Oracle Fusion HCM prioritizes people and automates complex processes to free up time and remove burdens.

Empowering Employees

The Fusion HCM platform prioritizes the employee experience. It caters to the workforce with cutting-edge technologies that are still familiar and easy to learn. This allows employees to have ownership over many of the features that influence their work routine.

The platform interface is intuitive, and it’s also accessible from any location, even remotely. Employees will get full immersion on the go, which will keep the experience consistent. Staff can also take advantage of voice-enabled commands that they can use while working.

The software will respond to the needs of the workforce and even predict what they will be. This will boost productivity and keep employees engaged and happy to be part of the company.

Advanced HCM Controls

The platform facilitates access to a full list of advanced HCM settings. This list includes features that will mitigate the company’s risk factor and ensure compliance. It also ensures that all the data available on the platform is kept safe through extensive ultra-modern AI monitoring.

AI-managed algorithms are also used in fraud prevention processes and to limit errors and inaccuracies. These automated features identify and respond to anomalies as they occur in the system.

Fusion HCM also includes specific certifications that are also automated and used to keep data as safe as necessary. This will prevent data protection breaches. You can also use these controls to create cohesive HR policies across the company systems and configure roles giving them access.

Comprehensive Analytics

Oracle Fusion HCM analytics are AI-powered and provide smart reports using all the available data. This allows for in-depth insights regarding the company and workforce performance which will usually highlight if there are any problem areas that need to be reviewed.

The software includes pre-built analytics for specific areas that will show you how the company is meeting industry standards, especially when it comes to diversity. Analytics respond to voice queries and can provide visual reports that make the next steps easy to see.

The analytics can also look at connections and form predictions based on current data. This will show how the workforce will generally impact outcomes like sales performance and long-term financial predictions.

Fusion HCM Summary

  • Fusion HCM by Oracle is a comprehensive suite that offers extensive support for companies of all sizes. It is best suited for enterprises and companies operating in different locations, just so all the features can be used and all the benefits can be implemented.
  • Oracle Fusion HCM has proven its worth on the market, which it leads when it comes to HR and finance reports. The platform cares about the success of the people using it, which leads to great long-term results.
  • Your use of the software can change at any time. You can make it adapt to your needs no matter how many times your business model changes. This makes it an effective long-term solution.