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This all-in-one platform from Factorial is designed to meet all your HR needs in the same place. It includes an applicant tracking system for potential recruits, onboarding resources for new hires, performance management tools, time tracking tools, and payroll variations.

FactorialHR provides a comprehensive platform that includes an employee portal and software designed to focus on people rather than on processes. Factorial offers a 14-day free trial for businesses looking to test out the features included in the platform.

Factorial gives power to employees and managers over the platform by allowing the creation of custom user roles that can be assigned to various team members. In addition, custom permissions allow employees different access levels to areas of the system.

What Can Factorial HR Offer Your Business?

Factorial has numerous tools that make the HR and workforce management systems more streamlined and straightforward. There is software dedicated to tracking holidays, time off, and absences.

Managers can configure the parameters of those concepts and also approve or reject requests from employees as they happen. Time tracking resources will also be implemented. These will reduce absence issues within the workforce and boost productivity by keeping all shift patterns covered.

Customized reports will be available to be generated any time you wish to see them. You will even have access to an analytics dashboard that will lead you to the information you seek. The platform includes all documentation in the same place.

The platform can regularly analyze this information to provide accurate payroll processing. Company-related documents will also be stored on the platform for easy sharing in case they are necessary to illustrate something.

It Keeps the Process Digital

FactorialHR highlights the usefulness of having a system that is as digitized as possible. It even includes a digital signature feature that employees can use to sign important documents and have them saved on file.

The signature and the entire platform are kept in compliance with regulations thanks to the constant checks performed by the software.

The Employee Portal Is Comprehensive

Employees can manage their personal information, documentation, and time off or holiday requests through the portal. The portal will also keep them informed of upcoming events within the company.

The portal can be accessed from the mobile app, which will keep the employees in touch with their managers and supervisors at all times. The employee portal will also give access to various self-service tasks, such as managing absences and requesting holidays.

Managers will see these requests when they are submitted and either approve or reject them. They may also ask the employees for corrections or for documentation. Managers will also be able to customize how each type of absence will go.

Time-tracking Is Straightforward

Employees will be able to self-service many time-tracking aspects. They will be able to use the mobile app to clock in or out or even to request time off or shift changes. Managers will be able to quickly check accrued time off and vacation allowance per employee.

They will also have the power to create different vacation policies that are relevant to different types of employees. Time off and vacation requests are usually approved or rejected quickly because the mobile app and the platform facilitate that process.

Company Performance is Easy to Analyze

The FactorialHR platform allows you to have plenty of input on how the company is performing. Employees will get to have self-assessments that they can easily and quickly complete through the software. They will also receive feedback from their managers, their peers, and other reports.

All this data will be used to generate reports that will give you a detailed insight into how employee performances are shaping the company. You will then be able to see whether you need to change anything about how things are developing.

Factorial HR Summary

  • FactorialHR offers comprehensive HR and workforce management tools in one platform. You can test what it has to offer you during a 14-day free trial.
  • FactorialHR prizes the digital process and empowers your business with tools that keep everything on the platform. Secure digital signatures are used on official documents, and all information is saved online.
  • The platform offers an employee platform that facilitates self-service tasks. These are also available on the mobile app, and they keep employees in contact with managers whenever necessary, no matter the location.