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Epay’s Human Capital Management software integrates several systems in one platform and pushes the way into the future. It includes systems that used to be known under human resource information and human resource management but in new streamlined versions.

The software tools included in the Epay HCM suite include applicant tracking, payroll processing, performance and attendance reporting, applicant tracking, and compensation management. These processes give you more control over your business and also allow for an in-depth understanding of it.

This simplified workflow keeps you in charge of all HR information while automating most administrative processes. It also optimizes employee engagement, attendance, and performance.

What Makes Epay’s HCM Software Right for Your Company?

This centralized human capital management software helps you easily manage the workforce. It makes processes easier and more efficient, keeping the user’s comfort first. By using this, less time will be spent on making all the company’s HR variables work.

The monthly cost of the software covers all the human capital management resources used by Epay. So there are no extra hidden fees to worry about, and you’ll have direct access to a customer service team full of experts.

This integrated system covers your workforce needs from recruitment to tax management. Its versatility also makes it perfectly suited to mid-sized and enterprise-sized businesses. However, it is aimed primarily at companies operating an hourly-paid workforce in blue-collar sectors, like construction.

It Simplifies Complex Processes

This platform specifically helps manage complex workforce networks across several jurisdictions with different union contracts. In addition, it can keep track of employee performance and analytics, which comes in handy, especially if you offer split shifts and varying pay rates.

Epay’s HCM software can adapt to any variables related to your workforce. It will assist with navigating multiple processes. It will also automate many of the steps and free up time otherwise spent on processing.

The system is also going to take away some of the pressure of making sure you are adhering to all regulations. The hyper-flexibility of the software will cover all the requirements without wasting valuable time.

Security Is Important to Your Company

The Epay HCM software operates in the cloud and offers rigorous security for your company’s valuable information. The system is so secure that it adheres to cybersecurity conditions upheld by federal government organizations.

Epay invests in ongoing protocol training, which is largely responsible for the success of its security system. So if your company handles sensitive data and prides itself on preserving it, this software is a great fit for you.

The system is currently so secure that it fulfills over 350 security protocols. In addition, security updates are continuous as the platform adapts, and you won’t have to worry about server downtime.

It Puts Customer Service First

Epay offers 24/7 customer service support every day of the year. You will never have to worry about experiencing issues with the software with no one there to help you. This service is free, and you’ll always have experienced technicians on hand to solve any problems.

It Saves Money and Provides Deeper Insights

The Epay HCM software will overall save your company money that would otherwise go on outsourcing all management tools. It will also help reduce the amount of labor costs by granting you more control over the business processes.

The system analyzes the company’s data and provides up-to-date reports on everything from budgeting to employee performance. It will also highlight how the different parts of your business are working.

People analytics include some of the most relevant data a company can get. Epay’s software has built-in HR analytics tools that can help improve the performance and profit of the business. This can be achieved through getting an in-depth understanding of the processes and the people involved in them.

Epay HCM Summary

  • The Epay HCM software makes the workforce more efficient through its extensive labor and time management tools.
  • There is only one monthly payment for full access to the software. The price is a fixed rate charged per company employee, so you’ll always know what to expect.
  • This integrated system keeps all the management tools you need in one place.
  • It will remove the pressure associated with HR processes by automating most of them.
  • It will automate the onboarding process for new employees, which makes the onboarding process quicker. As a result, new recruits will be able to get to work immediately without worrying about paperwork.