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EffortlessHR offers a great all-in-one HR management solution that is perfectly suited to small businesses. It includes an employee portal, paid time off processing, a time clock for efficient timekeeping, an applicant tracking system, and cloud file storage, among many other features.

The employee management database can be accessed 24/7, and self-service tasks keep employees in control of these parts of the process. The leave management system allows for easy processing of holidays, sick days, and time off. This is integrated with the time clock feature.

The time clock provides excellent project management that takes into account job codes and includes customizable fields. The overall EffortlessHR system takes all these HR processes and places them on a convenient and flexible platform.

What Can EffortlessHR Do for Your Company?

EffortlessHR is designed to meet the needs of small companies but can suit midsize ones too. It offers flexible and customizable access that will remove the time-consuming pressure of navigating complex HR processes.

The system is easily accessible, and you can include various locations or company departments. Employee information is readily available via the extensive cloud storage offered by EffortlessHR. Virtual folders can be created and maintained with data to ensure safety and compliance.

EffortlessHR offers a 14-day free trial to companies interested in seeing what it can do for them. After that, companies can opt for one of three packages: basic, plus, and ultimate. These can be paid either monthly or annually, depending on what works best for your company.

All packages offer numerous features, and they can be combined easily with other existing software integrations.

Everything Is Online

In-house systems and spreadsheets are made obsolete by EffortlessHR. The platform makes all information and paperwork available digitally, where it can be accessed from any location and at any time.

Updates can be made easily, and changes can be implemented immediately once they appear in the system. The EffortlessHR secure database keeps information accessible and manageable. Using the data stored on the platform will also be a straightforward process.

This fully online platform comes equipped with comprehensive guides and forms that will help you get the most out of it. Navigation is easy, user-friendly, and convenient. In addition, EffortlessHR makes HR processes simple and automated to suit the needs of your company.

Employees Get Control

Through the Employee Self-Service Portal, staff is included more and given more control, which leads to a happy workforce. The portal allows company news and announcements to be communicated to employees. It also gives access to files and important paperwork.

Employees can manage their personal information and makes changes to it as they happen. Managers can use the portal as an extra tool to assist them with their job overseeing their teams. The employee time clock is accessible from the portal, as is benefits and pay information.

The EffortlessHR portal can also be used to make anonymous reports to management to protect privacy. Requests for time off, holidays, or shift changes can also be made normally through the portal.

Excellent Timekeeping Features

The employee time clock is a great way to keep track of time, and it’s a feature that is integrated into the platform. EffortlessHR users can clock in with the employee time clock, check project timelines, and keep track of hours worked.

Special authorization can also be granted to some staff to include manual entry. This feature keeps great track of variables that will influence payroll processing. You can sync the information to other platforms that provide that service.

Data for the employee clock will only need to be submitted once. It eliminates the need to keep track of time with spreadsheets. Employees can easily check information related to it through the self-service portal.

EffortlessHR Summary

  • EffortlessHR offers a convenient and practical solution suited particularly to the needs of small and midsize companies. The digital features offered by the platform make access easy, and information is safely stored without the need to use paper for it. This creates a more sustainable approach to documentation.
  • The pricing packages are practical, and you can select the one that best suits your company’s needs. With two payment options, EffortlessHR keeps things simple.
  • It helps keep track of regulations even if your company is operating in various locations. This ensures that it remains compliant and that all employees’ needs are met and correctly handled.