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Eddy by Eddy is a powerful all-in-one software that covers all your administration and human resource management needs. It assists with keeping track of the whole employee life cycle, from hiring to onboarding to managing time off and holidays.

With Eddy, your company can thrive with minimal HR and admin effort while making the interests of your employees as much of a priority as the profit of the business. Eddy provides all the necessary tools and makes the process as straightforward as possible.

It also offers plenty of support through a team of attentive and highly skilled professionals in case any assistance is required.

How Can Eddy Help Your Company?

Eddy is software that provides numerous tools for HR management in the same suite. The platform includes onboarding, people management, time tracking, training tracking, and paid time off. Payroll and applicant tracking are included as add-ons to provide a full experience of employee management.

It is tailored to fill the needs of local businesses and is constantly being developed with new and improved features. Since its launch in 2019, when it only offered an applicant tracking tool, it has quickly become an all-inclusive platform that is impressing customers with its ease of access.

Eddy has also received various accolades for the tools it offers, such as Best Payroll Service in 2020. Eddy grows as your company grows, and it can help it evolve. Customers are also impressed with the number of features offered by the platform at very affordable prices.

Comprehensive Hiring Platform

Eddy includes an all-in-one hiring platform that covers all your applicant tracking needs in practical and straightforward ways. The main feature it includes is the custom hiring pipeline, which offers drag and drops visual boards.

These boards will keep track of which stage of the hiring process each applicant is in. This includes easily sorting applicants into application, phone interview, face-to-face interview, offer, and hired columns. This system can be easily customized to suit your company’s specifics when it comes to the hiring process.

The hiring pipeline can also be automated, which makes the system even more efficient. When you move applicants and potential new hires between stages, Eddy can email them with scheduling options, offer letters, and anything else you would consider necessary.

Efficient Onboarding System

Once the hiring process is complete, Eddy’s onboarding system continues to offer a straightforward journey for the new hire and the company. The platform keeps this stage entirely paperless, which is both eco-friendly and much more practical than providing all new hires with numerous pages of documents.

Eddy offers comprehensive document storage space, and it allows all files to be signed on the platform without the need to print or file any physical copies. Spreadsheets have become a thing of the past with this efficient way to handle the paperwork.

Self-service onboarding is another main feature of the Eddy system. This allows your new hires the control of updating their information without adding to the workload of the HR department. They can create profiles, digitally manage paperwork, and get used to their new role before their first day.

Ensures Accuracy At No Extra Effort

Eddy takes the painstaking process of calculating wages, time-off, holidays, and compensation and automates it with perfect accuracy. It also includes state, local, state, and national regulations that might affect these figures, including tax profiles.

With Eddy, you won’t have to worry about payroll. The platform will take care of tax returns and remittance, distribution of W-2 forms, and it always ensures punctual payment. The expertise involved in building Eddy keeps your payroll needs met while efficiently covering the needs and rights of employees accurately while saving time on processing.

Eddy Summary

  • Eddy is perfectly suited to all industries, from food to retail to tech and medical. No matter the specific of your business, the platform will adapt to your needs and will evolve along with the company.
  • It is great for small and midsize businesses and offers dedicated full-time customer support through your software journey. Eddy is so easy to use that you’ll rarely have to resort to support, but if you do, your needs will be immediately covered.
  • Eddy makes the transition to paperless straightforward. The digital paperwork system is extremely convenient and sustainable while keeping your needs and those of your employees covered on the go.