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Avanti’s all-inclusive HR, payroll, and workforce software seeks to assist with the administrative duties of mid-sized Canadian companies. This full suite of resources covers everything from automating an in-house payroll system to recruitment tracking and employee training.

The specially-designed Avanti Go app also enables employees to have automated control over their shifts and monthly schedules. Thus, this platform offers time- and money-saving solutions for companies while keeping the comfort of the user first.

The Avanti platform is cloud-based, allowing users remote access to the included processes. The system suits smaller teams best by empowering each member with control over their role.

What Makes Avanti Software the Right Choice for You?

The Avanti all-in-one suite creates a cloud-based platform that simplifies administrative processes. It is ideal for businesses operating with complex variables such as different jurisdictions. It also makes it easier to handle the needs of multiple companies in the same network.

The platform automates and streamlines all processes related to the handling of employee affairs. By doing this, it makes the system more efficient by saving time and money. In addition, employees are given more control, while the business gets more time to focus on other areas.

From the start of the recruiting process to paying employees their correct wages and contributions, the Avanti Software platform keeps the needs of the people first. Teams within the company will be kept happy and engaged, and the business operations will be consolidated in one easy-to-use system.

It Adapts to the Company’s Needs

The main asset of the Avanti Software suite is that it will adapt to your specific business model. It will provide you with a detailed list of processes that will fulfil your needs. It can cover multiple organizations in multiple jurisdictions, and it can be used to support any collective agreement.

The platform is built to efficiently deal with complex processes. It will be able to deal with unique variables likes business-specific employee contribution schemes. It will also be able to grow as your business grows, and it will evolve to meet its evolving needs.

In addition, your business will benefit from the expertise of Avanti’s professional consultants. No matter when you need them, you will be able to get through to this high-quality customer service team.

The Business Gets to Save Money

Avanti Software is best-known for streamlining the complex operation of having an in-house payroll system by saving 60% of the time otherwise spent on it. The powerful payroll tools included in the suite can all be configured to fit your preferred way of processing.

An in-house payroll system will give you control over every aspect of it at any time. This includes processing and updating payments, benefits, and tax information. It will also save your business the money that would have to go on the extra costs associated with using an external payroll process.

The software suite includes GL integration, multi-union support, and custom earning codes. In addition, there is no extra charge for running payrolls off-cycle, creating electronic pay statements, or adding tax slips.

Employees Have More Autonomy

With the Avanti Software platform, the employees get control over-improved self-serve processes. This increased control over many administrative duties will free some time for managers and will give the employees more power.

They will be able to access the suite and have the additional app, Avanti Go, which allows them to clock in and out on their phones. They will also have access to schedules, shift swaps, pay statements, and updating their personal information.

This system will boost attendance rates and improve communication between the individual and the teams. Reminders and notifications can be scheduled and sent when workflows change or when paperwork or targets need to be provided.

Avanti Software Summary

  • Avanti Software gives you full control over HR, payroll, and workforce systems.
  • It facilitates access to employee education and further training.
  • It offers up-to-date analytics and reports based on business and employee performance.
  • There is no need to spend money on outsourcing payroll systems.
  • The platform adapts to business growth and can meet evolving needs.
  • The software is created with complex processes in mind.
  • It’s a great platform for mid-size companies and smaller teams.
  • It boosts attendance and work performance by giving employees autonomy and the necessary tools for self-service.
  • It includes systems for payroll processing, talent acquisition, people and workforce management, and even an app for employees.