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Ascentis Software by Ascentis is a comprehensive HRIS solution that provides the necessary tools for your company to benefit from efficient workforce management. This customizable suite will automate processes that will free up time to focus on other business model aspects.

Ascentis makes these processes easy while also providing easy access to the platform, even remotely, if needed. Staff will be able to keep up with tasks, schedules, and payroll information while on the go.

The suite is even more accessible through the dedicated Ascentis HR mobile app that employees and supervisors can install on their smartphones and tablets.

What Makes Ascentis Software a Great Choice?

Ascentis simplifies workforce management to boost productivity and ensures success while prioritizing the needs of employees. To keep your company supported at all times, it also offers top-rated customer service whenever you need it.

Ascentis will adapt to your company’s needs and even integrate with any existing workforce software. It is entirely customizableto suit the specific systems for your business and your employees while keeping the effort you have to invest at a minimum.

Automating complex workforce management processes will keep the focus on the company targets and achievements instead of going into HR processes. To save even more time,employees are given access to their information and empowered with self-service tasks.

Ascentis offers tools to manage time and attendance, payroll, benefits, time off, feedback and training, and even the hiring process. This puts you firmly in control of how your company runs and how your employees perform.

Essential Tools Are Available on Mobile

The Ascentis mobile app keeps the workforce connected and gives it easy access to essential tasks from any location and at any time. This a-la-carte solution will work in tandem with the Ascentis suite, no matter how much of it you use.

Employees can access information, clock in or out, keep an eye on their time management, check their attendance, and even send requests to managers. If the company employs remotely, this tool becomes even more useful by providing all workforce members in relevant ways.

The Ascentis platform makes the experience digital and turns spreadsheets and physical paperwork obsolete. With the mobile app, access to documents and information becomes a more streamlined process.

It Makes Compliance Easy

Adhering to regulations and ensuring compliance is usually one of the most time-consuming processes. With Ascentis software, all these complexities are automated and kept constantly updated for accuracy.

The software classifies employees and external contractors while managing all state and federal regulations. Ascentis covers processes that regulate data privacy, health and safety, and equal employment. It also reacts to any changes automatically and creates tracking reports that can be used to provide information to agencies like OSHA when inspections happen.

It Makes Hiring Efficient

Recruiting new talent is easy with Ascentis. The suite helps you get new talent that will ensure your company’s success, and it makes the process as smooth as possible. The tool gives you access to the best suited people to fill open positions within your business.

It then helps you keep track of the hiring process, from tracking applicants to making the offer. While you can customize job postings and take advantage of the comprehensive Ascentis career portal, candidates can use the self-scheduling feature to let you know when they are available.

For bigger companies, this tool helps you have an overview of all open positions, even across multiple positions. Then, once you’ve decided to extend an offer to your new hire, onboarding is kept time-effective and practical by storing all data for you without the need for physical paperwork and manual data entry.

Ascentis Summary

  • Ascentis keeps all your employee management needs covered, from hiring to establishing correct payroll and compensation.
  • The software offers a straightforward benefits enrolment process that offers all the assistance your employees need when tackling this information. It also shows employees the best options for them with all the in-depth data needed to make the choice.
  • Ascentis automates complex payroll processes while keeping the business compliant at all times. Employees are empowered to keep track of their finances with paycheck simulations. They are also given the option of flexible payments that adapt to their needs while keeping the company a priority too.