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Arcoro Core HR Software is a people management platform that puts people ahead of the profitability aspect. By boosting the people in the workforce and giving them resources that empower them, employee engagement will soar, and productivity will increase.

Arcoro is also a great platform for keeping your data safe and your employees protected. Of course, you will have plenty of sensitive information on the database, but Arcoro has numerous security measures in place.

The software automates compliance checks, ACA reporting, and most of the tasks associated with business administration. This frees up time to be spent on boosting productivity and increasing performance.


What Can Arcoro Core HR Software Offer You?

Arcoro Core HR moves away from a culture of data entry. It focuses on strategically using automation to clear time that will then be spent on innovation and quality control. You can customize workflows and create a routine around them. They can fit your business model and improve the ongoing HR processes.

Arcoro will empower your employees by creating a portal where they will be able to use self-service tasks. Of course, you can customize this portal according to what you prefer them to work on most, but usually, they will have access to requesting time-off, viewing schedules and holidays, and updating data.

Employees will also be able to check pay information to make sure it is accurate, and they will be able to consult the company’s personalized employee handbook. Arcoro is leading the way into a people-first culture that uses automation to support it.

Data Integration

Arcoro is designed to integrate easily with other systems such as payroll processing systems, benefits providers, project management, and others. This creates a collaborative network between Arcoro and other systems that can present many benefits to the users.

For example, Arcoro doesn’t include its own payroll processing system. Instead of outsourcing to a fully external system when it is necessary, you will be able to integrate it with the platform. Transfer of information between the two systems is done only to convey relevant information and through very secure methods.

This integration allows the Arcoro system to provide better reporting on the relation between platforms. It also showcases the interoperability support that Arcoro has developed.

Integrated Products

You can add other integrated products to boost the effects of the Arcoro platform. You can even add other Arcoro features, like the ones specific to monitoring time and attendance or the ones for benefits administration.

Integrating other features in the Arcoro platform will create more data to be analyzed and add better compliance checks reporting.

Manager and Employee Benefits

Your employees and your managers will have plenty of benefits to enjoy through the Arcoro Core HR software. Employees will be able to self-manage and submit several self-service tasks through the system. This includes PTO requests and whatever vacation accrual you have accumulated.

Employees will also be able to submit expense reports and update their benefits information. In addition, manager benefits include being able to create customized online surveys that are targeted at employee satisfaction. This will help create lasting relationships with employees.

Managers can also customize workflow automation by using it to simplify various tasks like onboarding or compensation increase.

It Has Everything You Need

With Arcoro Core HR software, all employee information can be summoned at any time on the same platform. The automated processes also save up a lot of time, especially when compared with how long everything took to do the same thing manually.

This frees up a chunk of time that can be used for a number of things, including boosting performance, automating processes, and enhancing productivity across the company.

Arcoro Core HR Summary

  • Arcoro Core HR Software puts people first and creates culture and technology around them. It gives employees the power to self-service through a portal dedicated to them. This improves work culture and performance.
  • Managers get plenty of benefits, too, with access to automating workflows and deciding how they are performed.
  • Arcoro features data integration and product integration. You can add features like payroll processing and project management or benefits providers. This will boost the power of Arcoro and get you even more results in one place.

Arcoro covers all your HR and workforce needs in one consolidated platform. This gives you the ease of access and reduces the time spent on navigating between different systems.